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How to Set up Direct Deposit on a Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card

Having your payroll or government benefit verify added to your Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card can be a really straightforward matter. You’ll find great reasons to opt for direct deposit over receiving a paper check.

  • Direct deposit is safer. Checks may be stolen or lost, which usually results inside a delay in receiving your dollars.
  • Direct deposit saves time. You don’t must spend your time in line to money or deposit your verify.
  • Direct deposit gets your money to you more quickly. After you select direct deposit with Green Dot, your funds is often available by 9 am on payday, despite the fact that the exact time can differ.
  • Direct deposit carries no fees. Generally, a verify cashing shop charges a fee of 3% or even additional for their service.
  • Direct deposit is much more convenient. You don’t must make a unique trip towards the bank or verify service. If you are not in town, you are able to still have access to your funds.

Arranging Direct Deposit of a Payroll Check to a Green Dot Debit Card
Your personalized Green Dot Debit Card must have included a direct deposit form that resembles a voided verify. It can be preprinted together with the routing and account numbers needed to set up a direct deposit. Attach this towards the direct deposit enrollment form furnished by your employer. Choose whether you desire your entire check deposited or perhaps a portion of it. Turn the form into your employer, and they’ll make the rest in the arrangements.

In case you have to have a different voided verify, you’ll be able to get it at

Arranging Direct Deposit of a Tax Refund to a Green Dot Debit Card

Whenever you e-file your returns, you can have your federal or state tax refunds deposited for your Green Dot card and obtain your money in as tiny as 8 days from the time your return is accepted. This use of prepaid cards as tax refund cards is becoming extremely preferred.

You just really need to pick out the direct deposit option when filing, select to have funds deposited to a checking account (the solution to get a prepaid debit card) then enter the routing and direct deposit number. It is possible to uncover these numbers on the voided check you received with your card, or you are able to get them by pasting into your browser’s window.

Arranging Direct Deposit of Government Benefits Payments to a Green Dot Debit Card

Whether you already have direct deposit of the government benefits or not, it’s a great idea to call the agency 1st. Follow any unique directions they offer you. In most cases, all you must do is full the voided check form described inside the section on payroll direct deposits and mail it towards the agency. Some government agencies will allow you to deliver the info on the net or over the telephone.

By far the most typically named agencies and their phone numbers are:

• For Social Security Payments, including SSI: 1-800-772-1213
• For Veteran’s pension payments: 1-877-838-2778
• For active duty military personnel: 1-888-332-7411

You may also enter your facts at a federal government web site,, sponsored by the Treasury Department in conjunction using the Federal Reserve Bank.

Notes about Direct Deposit to Green Dot Prepaid Cards

The name on the account should match the name on the check.

Green Dot ordinarily restricts deposits to $2,500 per day, though they might, at their sole alternative, accept a larger deposit.

It may possibly take a number of weeks ahead of your direct deposit is in location and you get your initially direct deposit.

It is possible to check to determine if deposits had been made by calling 1-866-795-7597 or on the net at You could also get to the similar page by just typing in There’s no charge to verify your balance and history by phone or on the internet.


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