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Making use of Your Green Dot Temporary Card

Once you very first buy your Green Dot Debit Card you will get a temporary card that you can use to pay for the purchases when you wait for your permanent Debit card inside the mail. You could reload your temporary card after you may have activated it and should really not be given as gift cards. It truly is very simple to reload your temporary Green Dot card by going to a partner retailer or by setting up an online reload from your bank. There are fees for re-loading a non-direct deposit reload. You’ll be able to use your temporary card anyplace that a debit VISA or Debit MasterCard is accepted within the US for non pin transactions. You can use your card as credit or signature acquire at a store just chose credit once you swipe your card. You could no use your card for debit card obtain until you obtain your permanent card. Another fantastic issue is you could use your temporary card to do online purchases even though you wait for the permanent card. You can’t use your temporary card at ATMs to withdraw case or use your temporary card anywhere a pin number is necessary. Also a temporary card cannot be utilised to buy outside the US including On the web, Telephone calls or in a further country.

Applying your Green Dot Debit Card

When you have activated your temporary prepaid Visa card Green Dot will send your Personalized card in 7 to ten small business days. The cards are shipped 1st class mail and the moment you get your card you’ll need to activate it and your funds from your temp card are going to be moved to your personalized card. When you are inside a hurry you’ll be able to request rush delivery but you are going to must pay a fee of $19.95. Prior to you may use it you’ll need to contact 1-866-79507605 or go to their web page at When you might have activated your Prepaid Greendot card you can use it.

Now you can use your Green Dot card anyplace except on line for gambling or for business use. You’ll be able to now use it to withdraw income from a ATM Machine and gets some cash, you can’t do that using the temporary card. But recall you are going to need to spend costs in case you do it that way. One way to keep away from those charges is get money back from your purchases at the shop. You should not need to worry about going over your limit, like you would along with your checking account. But there are actually some situations that a merchant may except your card despite the fact that you tend not to have adequate money to cover the charge. You will be responsible for it and but usually do not have any charges. A fantastic issue about this card there are no overdraft penalty charges.

In case you forget your ATM you could contact the 800 number or getting on-line and modify it to a new number. You’re also allowed to do automatic monthly payments for the bills but you have to be certain you may have adequate within your account to cover those bills. This could possibly be a problem if you don’t because the Company your are paying may possibly cancel your account or suspend it for lack of payment. It is possible to user your card for such factors a Automobile Rental, Hotels or at the gas pump but I’d like to warn you that they are going to hold revenue yours. Gas pump might charge $100 dollars to your card to make positive you might have adequate for actual charge. the hotel will hold up to $300 in some situations for a deposit, plus the automobile Renal will also hold up a big quantity and also hold it up to 90 days. The best thing to complete is look into these charges before receiving a space or even a vehicle and at the pump just go to the cashier and use your card for what you need. If your card gets stolen or applied without having your permission you need to instantly report it lost or stolen. Your card will then be cancelled and you’ll have to wait for a new one particular from 7 to days plus the cash will be transferred to the new 1. You’ll also must pay a fee to replace the card.


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